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Re: Mysql 5.0.41 Cross Compiler capable from source?

From: Joerg Bruehe (joergmysql.com)
Date: Thu Aug 02 2007 - 06:16:38 CDT

Hi John, all !

John Penman (jopenman) wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am trying to build mysql-5.0.41 under a cross compiling environment.
> Below is the beginning of the configure:
> [[...]] Reviewing this code leads me to believe that there is
> no support for cross compiling, or I am missing something. [[...]]

We are aware of problems in cross-compilation.

The main issue is that some files are generated during the build process
from running tools which are included in the sources, this means that
these tools must be compiled/linked to run *locally* on the build host
and not in the target environment.

To do this, the Makefiles need to differ between such tools (to run on
the build host) and other programs (cross-built for the final target).

A further restriction is that some of these generated files include
binary information, so the tool running in build environment must use
the same byte sex (little- or big-endian) as the target host.

By now, attacking these issues has moved up the priority list
sufficiently that we are working on it - but there is no estimation yet
at which date (or with which version) it will be solved.

> Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry, we don't have a solution yet.


Joerg Bruehe, Senior Production Engineer
MySQL AB, www.mysql.com

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