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NFR Wizards Archive: Remote Mail Users

Remote Mail Users

Greg Taylor (gtaylorntyne.demon.co.uk)
Tue, 23 Sep 1997 11:45:35 GMT


Can I please submit a problem which has had me confused for weeks?

I have an internal network of mail users using MS exchange with an exchange
server. The SMTP connector of this goes via a Gauntlet firewall to the Internet
(or at least will do when we have completed configuration!)

I also have a community of remote users who need to send mail by attachments to
the main server. The intention (for strong security reasons) is for them to use
Smartgate providing encrytion of the link. They will also only be allowed SMTP
via the firewall.

THE PROBLEM - Exchange server can accept SMTP mail but cannot operate as an SMTP
post-office. I DO NOT WANT to open any further ports in the firewall. I have
had suggested a POP3 server within the firewall with that connected to the SMTP
connector of exchange but that means that any user who could be both on the
internal network and who could work from home on a laptop would be a user on two
main systems. How do I ensure that whichever system they log in they get the
same mail? At the worst case I could accept a system where the mail is sent to
both but can this even be improved on?

Horrible picture follows:

Internet ----> Firewall ----> POP3 server -----> Exchange Server ----> user
              Shiva Modem stack
             Remote laptop user.

The firewall permits only ports 25 and 80.

The preference would be to have the remote users also using exchange client set
to dialup networking although I beleive(?) exchange is not POP3 compliant.

Any ideas please? I am completely stuck over this one! :-(


May you live in interesting times. (Ancient Chinese curse)

Greg Taylor MBCS, FIAP gtaylorntyne.demon.co.uk
Open Systems Programme Leader
North Tyneside Council

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