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NFR Wizards Archive: Re: FW-1 running on Trusted Solaris 2.5 ?

Re: FW-1 running on Trusted Solaris 2.5 ?

Marcus J. Ranum (mjrnfr.net)
Sun, 28 Sep 1997 23:55:38 +0000

> It has been said that Trusted Solaris (Orange Book B2-level) runs Off-The-
> Shelf software. Would it then be able to run Checkpoint FW-1 ?

My guess would be that things will break, since the
trusted O/S layer reaches down into the kernel in a
lot of places.

That being said, if you're trying to make a system
that's just going to be a firewall, the B2 capabilities
of T-Solaris aren't going to be used much. The
filtering layer of the firewall sits below the applications,
which is where the trust model is enforced.

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