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NFR Wizards Archive: obtuse smtpd

obtuse smtpd

Andreas Siegert (afxibm.de)
Tue, 30 Jun 1998 10:40:18 +0200

Hi gang,
whenever smtp frontends come up, everyone uses smap or a modfied smap. I have
been trying to get a license for smap (as a consultant I need to as far as I
read the licensing) from TIS here for a while, but it looks like all those
aquisitions made that impossible.
On the other hand, there is obtuse smtpd with loss of anti spam relay features
and other more modern functionality than smap. It also has commerical support
for most platforms.
Any real lfe experiences with it?

Andreas Siegert       afxibm.de / afxbarolo.munich.de.ibm.com / AFX at IPNET
PGP Key:http://www.muc.de/~afx/pubkey.asc, KeyId AB26FD05

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