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NFR Wizards Archives: RE: tcpdump installation on unix firewall?

RE: tcpdump installation on unix firewall?

LeGrow, Matt (Matt_LeGrowNAI.com)
Wed, 1 Sep 1999 11:57:05 -0700

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Well tcpdump requires root privilege or needs to be setuid root, or
run as root, in order to set promisc mode and run correctly. So
just having it on the firewall won't do you any harm if you remove
the setuid bit (probably disabled by default anyways).

3DES encrypting a firewall tools directory might be going a little
too far. You should always pay attention to local security. But
generally speaking, if someone has access to your machine other than
the proper authorities - game over, dude.

Matt LeGrow
Network Associates, Inc.
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From: Mason Begley [mailto:mbegleyconcentric.com]
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Subject: RE: tcpdump installation on unix firewall?

It doesn't matter really since tcpdump could be compiled offline and
added by a hacker later. Something that could be used for added
security is
to move all the tools you'll need into a directory and encrypt that
dir with
triple-des and only unencrypt it when its needed.

Mason Begley
Concentric Network.

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Subject: Re: tcpdump installation on unix firewall?

I've never run a sniffer directly on the firewall. However, I've
found it
extremely usefull to have sniffers on both sides of it. In fact,
generally the first place I go when I'm having a connectivity problem
through the firewall.

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KT Morgan
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Software Systems Group, Inc

On 27 Aug 1999 Andreas.Bolatzkich.danzas.com wrote:

> Hi fw-wizards
> Do you consider it an utterly bad idea to install a packet sniffer
> on a
firewall. (HP box running FW-1).
> Why would I want to do this?
> Perhaps you know this already: If sth. is not working it's either
> the
firewall or the network.
> I need a tool to proove what's going on... Badly performing server,
> find
out what normal traffic is for an application (data volume, traffic
for one request....) and more of this kind.
> Is there anybody out there... doing this?
> Does it interfere with the FW-1 software?
> Thanks,
> Andy :-oe.
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