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NFR Wizards Archives: RE: Reverse proxy ??

RE: Reverse proxy ??

Wed, 3 Nov 1999 11:27:38 -0500

Hi all!

I might be waaay off base here, but I always thought that in MS parlance,
"reverse proxy" actually means accepting INBOUND connections to servers.

So, if I have an Exchange server that acts as a POP3/IMAP4 server, my MS Proxy
Server "firewall" will need to "reverse proxy" the POP3/IMAP4 port back to the
Exchange server.

If you're familiar with application level firewalls, this is what Axent calls
the "GSP" (Generic service passer) or what Gauntlet does with pop3-gw, plug-gw,

Hope I didn't add more confusion to the topic...


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I feel no one has clearly said what a Reverse Proxy is.

Proxy: is a entity which takes client requests, goes and gets it on the net and saves it to its disk, (in case anyone else wants the same item - caching) then serves it up to the client. (FTP, WWW, etc)

Reverse Proxy: Gee wilickers I've got 200+ users going out to a large web site all the time. I know what to do, I'll cache the whole site and I'll tell the proxy server (on my users behalf) to go out and start copying the whole entire site at midnight, tell it not to expire for 4 days, and save all this info to the proxy servers disk array. Now when everyone starts hitting this particular site, the content is served up via high speed local net, instead of going out across the internet connection.

Walter is right, I just thought I'd provide a real world example.

>>> "Joe Ippolito" <joejoesnet.com> 10/31/99 09:33PM >>> which may actually be more than one web server behind your firewall acting in a round-robin mode?

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Reverse Proxy, sometimes referred to as Web Acceleration, is the capability of taking an address outside your firewall, mapping it to a web server inside the firewall, and performing transparent caching of the web servers' static content in the process. The DNS address for the web server is the proxy address outside the firewall.

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>>> Sandy Green <sand232yahoo.com> 10/28/99 05:27PM >>> There was a quetion here in this list about MS Proxy server with one or two NIC cards. In that context it was highlighted that with one NIC card "reverse proxy" will not be possible.

But can someone explain as to what is reverse proxy ?


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