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NFR Wizards Archives: VPN solution needed (linux<->win32)

VPN solution needed (linux<->win32) or (nt<->win32)

Subject: VPN solution needed (linux<->win32) or (nt<->win32)
From: Mailing Lists (mlistalmerco.ca)
Date: Wed Dec 08 1999 - 09:21:31 CST


I'm looking at implementing a VPN for my network.

Basically, I actually have a linux firewall (ip filtering + masquerading)
connected over a cable modem line.

I want to access an internal server over untrusted networks (a friend's
internet connection, the office or my own dialup account with another
provider when I'm on the road).

First scenario (preferred): what would be a free VPN solution using my
existing linux fw?
Second: what would be a non-free using my linux?
third: what are the alternatives using NT as a FW?

I search and read on the subject, but would rather like to ear from
personal experience on the field.

I already looked at Cybernetica's Secure Socket Agent (SSA) built over a
SSL connection which is free for home and educational purposes but don't
know about the technology is good or if any of you have a better solution
or experience.


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