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NFR Wizards Archives: RE: VPN solution needed (linux<->wi

RE: VPN solution needed (linux<->win32) or (nt<->win32)

Subject: RE: VPN solution needed (linux<->win32) or (nt<->win32)
From: Predrag Zivic (pzivicyahoo.com)
Date: Mon Dec 13 1999 - 09:08:51 CST

Aventail looked good (to me at first), but ask them
about UDP based applications (like Remedy help desk).
Aventail does not support (or encrypt) UDP based
traffic. So you will hit a problem with UDP based
applications. They will not work.
hope this helps
P.S. Check InfoExpress... It is very much like
Aventail but with more options...

--- Shaun Moran <ShaunTheMorans.Com> wrote:
> As far as commercial solution are involved - I'm
> pretty impressed with the
> Aventail Connection solution - It uses socks5 with
> the Data SSL encrypted.
> The beauty of this is that the VPN tunnel works
> through NAT devices and even
> HTTP proxy server if you want. The downside seems
> that it only has Windows
> Clients (you can use standard UNIX socks client
> minus the crypto) and that
> it is a Client-Server VPN only. Unlike IPSEC which
> is anything-anything.
> Shaun
> Ps - don't have - never have - probably never will
> work for aventail - just
> reporting what I think and my views reflect no one
> elses - really !!!
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> Subject: VPN solution needed (linux<->win32) or
> (nt<->win32)
> Hi.
> I'm looking at implementing a VPN for my network.
> Basically, I actually have a linux firewall (ip
> filtering + masquerading)
> connected over a cable modem line.
> I want to access an internal server over untrusted
> networks (a friend's
> internet connection, the office or my own dialup
> account with another
> provider when I'm on the road).
> First scenario (preferred): what would be a free
> VPN solution using my
> existing linux fw?
> Second: what would be a non-free using my linux?
> third: what are the alternatives using NT as a FW?
> I search and read on the subject, but would rather
> like to ear from
> personal experience on the field.
> I already looked at Cybernetica's Secure Socket
> Agent (SSA) built over a
> SSL connection which is free for home and
> educational purposes but don't
> know about the technology is good or if any of you
> have a better solution
> or experience.
> Thanks!

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