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NFR Wizards Archive: TCP port 7 traffic from DoubleClick

TCP port 7 traffic from DoubleClick

Greg Nowicki (gregmikon.com)
Thu, 01 Jul 1999 18:55:31 EDT

My firewall has been logging a persistent stream of TCP connection attempts
to port 7 (echo) from six hosts belonging to DoubleClick. I would like to
know if anyone else on the list has observed this?

It started back on June 4 and has continued almost every day since then.
The pattern of the traffic consists of 2-6 connection attempts from the
addresses,,,,, & Each host will attempt a connection within
30 seconds or so of the others. This pattern repeats 1-4 times a day.

The reason that I do not just ignore the traffic is that the frequency
of the attempts exceeds thresholds I have set on my firewall thereby
generating a page. I can only speculate that they are trying to gauge
the performance of their banner ad delivery. E-mail requests to
DoubleClick have gone unanswered. I have reported the traffic to the
abuse group of my ISP and they are looking in to it.

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