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Subject: RH VirtualPC & Airport
From: Matt Denton (mdentonradiology.ucsf.edu)
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 11:07:20 CDT

OK maybe I'm the only one on the planet to even attempt this setup so
I don't know how relevant this problem & solution will be, but here

Using nmap under VirtualPC with Red Hat 6.1 on an iBook (you've
already stopped reading, right?) with Airport, the entire VirtualPC
program would lock up when the scan got to the OS detection phase. I
had VirtualPC set up to share the IP address of the laptop, thinking
that it would do multihoming as I believe it does when you use a
Windows HD image. Instead, it actually does MASQing (I checked the
route table) so it was really masking a private network behind the
already-masked network address given by the Airport base station. I
then set VirtualPC to use a unique IP and the problem cleared up.

BTW in the VirtualPC config you get to choose Airport as a networking
option if it's available, and with it selected RHLinux still thinks
it's using ethernet. So with ifup eth0 it grabs a unique IP address
from the base station and you're wirelessly networking like a dream.
Now when I'm working at home and get email notification my subnet's
been scanned I can fire up a Linux environment and scan the offending
host without missing a beat...


Matt Denton
Network/IS Manager
UCSF Radiology

"The above statements are my own, not those of the Regents of the
University of California. References to non-university products and
pointers to non-university web pages do not represent endorsement by
the Regents of the University of California."

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