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Subject: Nwhack.pl
From: Matt W. (kmxegatobas.org)
Date: Sun Oct 08 2000 - 19:17:43 CDT

Fun for all ages. nwhack.pl takes -oM output and put it in a postgres
db. Nice simple easy. :) Maybe i'll get motivied and make a -oD option
so nmap can do this for ya.

Files attached:
nwhack.pl - program
nmap.table.sql - scheme for the tables it uses.

just create a db called nmapdb or whatever and then
psql nmapdb < nmap.table.sql.

bugs: kmxegatobas.org

        "scan_id" int4 NOT NULL,
        "ip_address" inet NOT NULL,
        "port" int8 NOT NULL,
        "os_name" varchar(32));

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