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Re: NAI AntiVirus Update Problem (fwd)
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Re: NAI AntiVirus Update Problem (fwd)

  • Subject: Re: NAI AntiVirus Update Problem (fwd)
  • From: Simple Nomad <thegnomeNMRC.ORG>
  • Date: Wed, 5 May 1999 08:03:19 -0500
  • Approved-By: Russ.CooperRC.ON.CA
  • Reply-To: Simple Nomad <thegnomeNMRC.ORG>
  • Sender: Windows NT BugTraq Mailing List <NTBUGTRAQLISTSERV.NTBUGTRAQ.COM>

> Network Associates can be reached at http://www.nai.com/. Unfortunately
> at the time of this writing the ftp location of the 4.x definition files
> was not present. It's supposed to be at
> ftp://ftp.nai.com/pub/antivirus/update/4.x but had disappeared from the
> server(s).

A couple of people have pointed out the correct location is
ftp://ftp.nai.com/pub/antivirus/datfiles/4.x. Silly me, I was going by a
whatsnew.txt file stating that this was the location.

Oh and sorry about the date on the last message, playing with intrusion
detection and replay attacks and was monkeying with the date.

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