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Re: Max file transfer size of 1.3GB?
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Re: Max file transfer size of 1.3GB?

  • Subject: Re: Max file transfer size of 1.3GB?
  • From: David LeBlanc <dleblancMINDSPRING.COM>
  • Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 23:00:06 -0400
  • Comments: To: "Stout, William" <StoutWPIOS.COM>
  • In-Reply-To: <199804272330.TAA30772camel16.mindspring.com>
  • Reply-To: David LeBlanc <dleblancMINDSPRING.COM>
  • Sender: Windows NT BugTraq Mailing List <NTBUGTRAQLISTSERV.NTBUGTRAQ.COM>

At 06:30 PM 4/27/98 -0400, Stout, William wrote:
>It strikes me as odd that their firewall which is based on NDIS shims
>for packet filtering and is not supposed to 'rely' on either the O.S. or
>network stack to do it's job, would be affected by O.S. patches.

It doesn't strike me as a bit odd.  Even if you do replace the network
stack, you're still using the rest of the OS for things like memory
management, etc.  The only way to avoid worrying about problems with the
rest of the OS is to write your own.

I wonder what they are doing - I've moved files in the 1GB range around on
NT a number of times - I used to have a database that big that got copied
every night so it could be backed up.  I never had any problems.

David LeBlanc