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Re: New PPTP2 & RRAS20 Hotfixes
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Re: New PPTP2 & RRAS20 Hotfixes

  • Subject: Re: New PPTP2 & RRAS20 Hotfixes
  • From: Thomas Melzer <TMelzerTOMESOFT.DE>
  • Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 12:38:22 +0200
  • Reply-To: Thomas Melzer <TMelzerTOMESOFT.DE>
  • Sender: Windows NT BugTraq Mailing List <NTBUGTRAQLISTSERV.NTBUGTRAQ.COM>

Also the PPTP2 Hotfix gives you a performance boost on PPTP
connenctions. I've tested this on a system before / after PPTP2 fix
installed. Connection was a 64KBit ISDN Conection to an ISP. Effective
Speed of this connection was 7,4 KByte/sec ftp-ing an 1 MByte file to
our public ftp-server. The same ftp-server over an PPTP connection
without pptp2 fix give us 3,7 KByte/sec if you use the default receive
window size of 2. Changing it to 8 gives 4 KByte/second. After applying
PPTP2 fix I got 6,4 KByte/sec. This means you get now 85 % of your raw
IP Connection instead of 47% before.
>-- Thomas Melzer (tmelzertomesoft.de)