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Re: Msproxy LAT
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Re: Msproxy LAT

  • Subject: Re: Msproxy LAT
  • From: Rene Lariviere <Rene_Lariviereemail.msn.com>
  • Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 07:49:27 -0600
  • Reply-To: Rene Lariviere <Rene_Lariviereemail.msn.com>
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You wrote:

>I am basically a lurker on this mailing list and most of it goes clean
>over my head...
>But at the risk of stating what may be an obvious set of circumstances
>to you guys who know where you're at, I have to tell someone about a
>recent "discovery" I made.
>When looking at the MSPLAT on NT I noticed some addresses which I new
>were definitely not part of our internal network. Out of curiosity I
>attempted a traceroute and discovered the name of a local company.
>In a fit of total paranoia I started an investigation as to how this
>address could be listed as a local address.
>Eventually I discovered that when the proxy had been reconfigured the
>LAT was generated from all network cards whilst a connection existed on
>the outside network to this IP (I think this is may be the default). It
>all seems pretty obvious now I know what's going on and was easily fixed
>by editing the LAT, but I wonder how many others are persuaded by the
>seaming simplicity of NT's GUI set up for IP stuff without knowing how
>it all works and leaving gaping holes.

That's why you read first!  and pay attention to the screens!  It is clearly
identify during the installation process what will be discovered during the
LAT table build process.  All that needs to be done is to uncheck the
external IP network!

GUI is not a replacement for knowledge and understanding!

These are my thoughts not my company

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