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From: D. J. Bernstein (djbcr.yp.to)
Date: Mon Aug 27 2001 - 18:53:04 CDT

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    The word ``ports'' in the qmail documentation predates BSD-style ports.
    It refers to modified versions of the source code.

    I don't mind a BSD-style port that simply follows the installation
    instructions. I have also explicitly granted permission for the
    distribution of precompiled packages that behave correctly. There's
    nothing stopping OpenBSD from distributing a qmail package.

    Theo de Raadt writes:
    > That code has never been free.

    When are you going to stop shipping Netscape 4? Hypocrite.

    > What he is saying is that licences are granted on a discretionary and
    > specific case-by-case basis.

    In fact, I said exactly the opposite. My approval of a patch depends
    only on the contents of the patch itself.

    > And recent versions are completely non-Unixy in the way they mess with
    > the system.

    Funny. People normally say I'm being _too_ UNIXy. Frankly, I don't care
    whether or not anyone thinks it's UNIXy; what I care about is how well
    the package actually works.