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Re: hackathon hotel

From: Theo de Raadt (deraadtcvs.openbsd.org)
Date: Tue Apr 22 2003 - 10:33:16 CDT

> In message <200304221505.h3MF5X5t013642cvs.openbsd.org>,
> Theo de Raadt writes:
> >The hotel has been told that this is a cancel, and that they are not
> >to permit the OpenBSD people to pay the balance due after that 80% payment
> >is made, (ie. 20%)
> Unless there's something in the contract which prevents them from cutting a
> NEW contract with you for the rooms at 20% of the original fees, I don't
> really see how the hotel could be prevented from doing this. It's a
> completely seperate transaction! Have you actually went down there and spoken
> with the manager, perhaps with a check for the balance in hand?
> The hotel stands to lose money. It would be really silly for them to turn
> down a solution which makes everyone happy, including them.

I don't think you are paying attention. The hotel is totally fine
with having us pay the 20% on the existing contract, or even
transferring it to another contract -- they are 100% in agreement with
me, and trying to help us out.

No matter what happens, UPENN will be paying 80% of the bill. It's
just that UPENN has decided noone may benefit from that 80% which they
are required to pay.

Please drink something with caffiene in it; my original posting made
the above pretty clear..