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From: Theo de Raadt (deraadtcvs.openbsd.org)
Date: Tue Apr 22 2003 - 10:59:54 CDT

I have received a quote from a reporter who I've talked to for one of
the articles linked all over the place. He has received the following
statement from the DARPA spokeswoman (703-696-2404,
jwalkerdarpa.mil). It's below. I could not make this up.

    I wanted to update you on the situation with the Univ of
    Penn. project. As a result of the DARPA review of the project, and
    due to world events and the evolving threat posed by increasingly
    capable nation-states, the Government on April 21 advised the
    University to suspend work on the "security fest" portion of the

I'm utterly stunned. This might become another story. I have also
forwarded this to the ACLU people who've contacted me.