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Re: Unexpected Behivior Regarding CARP and 3.6-snap

From: Billy B. Bilano (mr.bill.bilanoemail.server.unix.bill.bilano.biz)
Date: Wed Sep 08 2004 - 09:57:04 CDT


Well, that's an interesting proposal. But why would I want to trade my
wife? I don't really want to trade her. I take a lot of good care of her
and treat her well. The kids really like her, since she's their mom and
all. And I get a lot of French benefits from being married! I think
there is something else afoot...

You are not only having homo-erotic episodes (hitting on me with the
"you're cute" comment), but you are also wanting to trade yours in for a
new wife (like she was a car or something... "trade in for this year's
model"). These are all classic signs of spousal abuse by your spouse
(believe me I know). I am going to post your crazy message on my bloglog
to bring awareness to the issue of spousal abuse by wives. Look what it
is doing to you!

Mr. Billy B. Bilano, MSCE, CCNA
Expert Sysadmin Since 2003!

Greg Thomas wrote:

>>I am getting quite tired an sick of this troll business. I am not a
>>troll! Darnit, look at my website and look at my photograph. I admit my
>>beard is bushy and my hair is wiley, but do I honestly look like a
>You're kind of cute.
>>My wife certainly doesn't think so... and we've made quite a
>>couple of relatively problem-free babies over the years and she is a
>>darned attracive woman I might add!
>Damn, she is. She looks quite a lot like you, is she your cousin?
>Interested in a little wife-swapping amongst expert sysadmins? ;-) ;-)
>;-) Let me know and I'll find a wife who is >= than your darned attracive