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Can one dd to /dev/rwd0c?

From: Sunnz (sunnzygmail.com)
Date: Sun Sep 21 2008 - 00:02:37 CDT

OK I am trying to completely erase the data of a hard disk so I though
I can just do `dd if=/dev/arandom of=/dev/rwd0c` as to my
understanding that is the entire hard disk (slice c) of wd0 in 'raw'

But that dd refuse to do it.

So now I am doing the same thing but to wd0c instead. Is this any
worse? This is the "character device" right? Does that mean dd won't
write random bits as low as going to the raw device?

This is running off a OpenBSD 4.3 CD, there are no intention to
actually destroy the hard disk in any way, just erasing the data off
the hard disk so that it can be reused, re-sold, whatever. The data
are not some military top secret, but it is interesting to know of
what can be done in a home/small office environment when it comes to
erasing the hard drive.


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