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Re: dmesg IBM x3650 OpenBSD 4.3

From: Breen Ouellette (openbsdmiscbreeno.net)
Date: Fri Oct 10 2008 - 17:39:53 CDT

gm_sjo wrote:
> 2008/10/10 Breen Ouellette <openbsdmiscbreeno.net>:
>> When you have proven yourself even 10% as helpful to the cause of OpenBSD as
>> Theo is, then maybe, just maybe, you are justified in criticizing his
>> tactics. I look forward to that point in time, but until then I really have
>> no reason to side with you, nor should anyone else who is informed on this
>> matter.
> Dear lord, it's brainwashed minions such as yourself that make me
> wonder why I continously donate money to the 'cause'. But of course,
> that's irrelevant, right?

Your personal attack does not improve your standing in this matter. You
are trying to deflect the issue: that you don't agree with Theo's
tactics. Yet, you have failed to provide a single good reason for why
people should believe you. Theo's trash talking about trashy vendors has
a history of effectiveness, while the wishy washy avoidance that you
advocate has never proven effective. Show us one vendor that has
released documentation because OpenBSD developers and users sat back and
waited quietly for it.

And again, what exactly was it that have you done for OpenBSD that makes
your opinion worth listening to, let alone superior to Theo's?