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Fw: Re: "0~" and beep on switch from console to X.

From: 4625 (4625khzgmail.com)
Date: Sun Sep 13 2009 - 15:13:42 CDT

Begin forwarded message:

Date: Sunday, 13 Sep 2009 +0400
From: Jesus Sanchez
To: 4625
Subject: Re: "0~" and beep on switch from console to X.

4625 escribiC3:
> On Sat, 12 Sep 2009 05:44:50 +0200 Jesus Sanchez wrote:
>>>> If xterm window currently active in X and I'm switch from console
>>>> to X by pressing Alt-F9 key, then xterm will beep and display "0~".
> I mean Ctrl-Alt-F9.
>>>> If web browser window currently active there is in X, then he will
>>>> open history toolbar.
>>> Still nothing on my install ...
>>> Want to supply more information??
> 1) OpenBSD localhost 4.5 200908010004#0 i386
> 2) Part of /etc/ttys
> console "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600" vt220 off secure
> ttyC0 "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600" vt220 on secure
> ttyC1 "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600" vt220 on secure
> ttyC2 "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600" vt220 on secure
> ttyC3 "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600" vt220 on secure
> ttyC4 "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600" vt220 on secure
> ttyC5 "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600" pcvt25 on secure
> ttyC6 "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600" pcvt25 on secure
> ttyC7 "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600" wsvt25 on secure
> ttyC8 "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600" vt220 off secure
> ttyC9 "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600" vt220 off secure
> ttyCa "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600" vt220 off secure
> ttyCb "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600" vt220 off secure
> tty00 "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600" unknown off
> 3) Something else?..
>> As I understood, you're having problems to switch between
>> X an virtual consoles (the ones without mouse)
>> on OpenBSD there are only 6 virtual consoles by default.
>> to change from X to virtual console use Ctrl+Alt+F1 to
>> F6 except which F5 to return X.
>> You can change this on kernel configuration, checkout the
>> FAQ before posting this.
> My kernel will create ttyC0 only. Next 10 consoles wsconscfg will
> create on boot.
hmm, it looks OK to me... you should post this on misc, I
don't really know what else to do. Hope someone can help you
with this issue better than me.

regards and good luck