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Re: adduser vs useradd (rmuser vs userdel)

From: Robert (robertopenbsd.pap.st)
Date: Sun Sep 13 2009 - 17:50:23 CDT

On Mon, 14 Sep 2009 00:34:59 +0200
frantisek holop <minusfobiit.org> wrote:

> hi there,
> this question was always kind of in the back of my mind:
> why are there 2 sets of commands for adding and removing
> users?
> looking at the man pages their functionalities quite overlap
> and i am not really sure which one is the preferred, if any.
> the ports framework uses useradd/userdel if i am not mistaken,
> adduser and rmuser are way more chatty and not really in the
> unix philosophy (the way i see it: an "untouchable" configuration
> file that is read/written by the program, console input in the
> forms of questions, etc).
> apart from the historical circumstances (useradd and userdel
> first appeared in 2.7) why are they both there? one should
> take over everything and the other one should be booted, no?
> -f

adduser is something interactiv which makes is easy to do manually.
useradd is what i use in my scripts with lots of options i only have to
look up once to have them right in that case.

Should one of them removed? No?! They serve different usage scenarios.

- Robert