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bgpd - How to append (not replace) communities ?

Date: Mon Aug 02 2010 - 07:36:05 CDT


At the moment, in my bgpd.conf, I've got the following amongst my
import filters :

# Set communities (AS64515)
match from group "AS64515" community 64516:* set community delete
match from group "AS64515" set {community 64516:2,community

Basically the goal is to :
(1) Remove any communities that would match those I use internally
(i.e. 64516:*)
(2) Append my communities to existing communities being received.

Number two is where I'm having problems. For troubleshooting and
traffic engineering, I would like to preserve any communities I am
receiving from my transit providers, whilst at the same time adding
a couple of extra communities for my own internal use.

However this does not seem to be possible with bgpd. Unless I've
missed something obvious in the man pages