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Glitches with (some?) X apps

From: patrick keshishian (pkeshishgmail.com)
Date: Fri Aug 06 2010 - 16:24:03 CDT


With macppc snapshot install from Aug 3rd I was able to, once again,
run firefox (v 3.6.8). But there are some drawing glitches in the UI.
The Gimp port finally finished building and it too is demonstrating
similar artifacts. They resemble the color shifts one would see when
using apps that install their own colormap, but not quite.

I'm not certain if this is an X issue or if the problem is at a higher
level in the app or the toolkit (gtk+2). I don't run many X apps, the
few others (wmapm, xv image viewer, xpdf) have much simpler UI
interfaces and don't show issues.

I placed three screen shots demonstrating the "glitch" over here:

With firefox and gmail interface as an example, you see the outline of
check-boxes aren't drawn. If I roll-over them with the pointer they
redraw but once the pointer is moved away they disappear. But if I
check one of them (as shown), the outline for that check-box and all
check-boxes below it remain drawn.

Also included are dmesg[1], X log and conf.

Any ideas as to the cause?

I am assuming no one is having issues with -current and associated
ports on other platforms. I'm just not sure how many others use macppc
-current on a daily basis.


[1] Possibly not relevant, but it's my first time seeing this:
attempting to restore vector in use vecproc 0 veccpu 6b0ff0