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which monitoring do you use (on OpenBSD)

From: Jiri B. (jiriblive.com)
Date: Mon Aug 09 2010 - 18:28:09 CDT


I'm thinking to choose a monitoring tool which would run on OpenBSD
of course.

I have been working with Tivoli and Netview for couple of years so my
idea is:

* clients

- heartbeats of course
- simple interface to give a client some input as alert
- text configuration on client node (can be pushed from central repo)
- light

* infrastructure nodes

- proxy feature for far networks or dmz
- filtering rules (thresholds, time filters ...)
- text configuration
- light

* main server(s)

- good filtering
- surveillance console for monitoring center
- be able to change status of an alert (acknowledge, closed, solved...)
- be able to have some categories of clients based on roles

I'm watching zabbix... not sure...

If I wouldn't want event console I would probably check snmp -> sec ->