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Re: MTA choice

From: Daniel Ouellet (danielpresscom.net)
Date: Fri Aug 13 2010 - 09:02:30 CDT

> But I also like my network servers
> to have been "field proven in the nasty wilderness" by others
> for some time before starting to use them myself in production,

Men, that's rather very selfish! So, you want everyone one else to do
the work, but not you!? You don't want to participate in testing things
and improving them, but rather, just sit back and demand that you are
served on a silver plate? Or may be gold even here...

Sorry if that sound ash here, but I can't believe what I read here....

It does come out that way as you put it. I hope it's not what you mean
right? I must be wrong for sure...

Or full of bullshit again. (;>

> Were there any other reasons for writing smtpd(8), instead of
> just importing Postfix into base as the default MTA, besides
> Postfix's license?

Yes, license and that's in the archive. Help yourself to the answer.
it's been beaten to death.

> /Fredrik Henbjork, who also wonders if anyone here has any
> strong opinions regarding the feature set and security of the
> Apache in base, when compared to recent versions of (the BSD-
> licensed and C-based) Nginx and lighttpd?

Same here. It's been explore in the archive as well. Help yourself to
the answer. Or is it like your first statement. You want others to do
the work for you and point you to the answer?