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Re: return to castle wolfenstein port

From: Sebastian Reitenbach (sebastial00-bugdead-prods.de)
Date: Wed Aug 18 2010 - 18:10:37 CDT

Ryan Freeman wrote:
> Excerpts from Sebastian Reitenbach's message of Sun Aug 15 07:24:51 -0700 2010:
>> Jolan Luff wrote:
>>> Here's a quick and dirty port of return to castle wolfenstein which
>>> was just open sourced a few days ago. It's i386 only right now due
>>> to the codebase.
>>> There's a few problems that I've noticed so far:
>>> - the game uses oss for sound but it doesn't work for some reason.
>>> seems to be related to either DSP_CAP_TRIGGER or DSP_CAP_MMAP.
>>> - performance is spotty. it's either 4 or 40 fps on an atom 1.66ghz +
>>> intel 945. this game was released in late 2001 and the minimum
>>> requirements were 400mhz cpu + 16mb vram so i'd think it should be
>>> quite speedy on modernish budget hardware.
>>> - the game crashes when you die. it's probably something silly with
>>> dlopen()/dlclose() but i haven't looked at it yet.
>>> Let me know if you notice anything else.
>> It crashes on startup, it shortly switches to the 640x480 resolution,
>> screen goes blank, I see the mouse arrow, then it crashes. Its on my
>> libretto u100. Intel graphics card.
> tests good here on i386-current :) a few tips for running:
> Sebastian, i notice the same crash here when no aucat is running.
> if aucat is running, sound can't bind, and therefore doesn't crash
> the game ;)
Ah, had no time to test before, but just wanted to confirm killing aucat
makes it also work for me, thanks for that hint !