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Re: Some apps kill/hang X when using scrotwm(1) as wm

From: Ingo Schwarze (schwarzeusta.de)
Date: Wed Aug 18 2010 - 19:22:37 CDT

Nick Holland wrote on Wed, Aug 18, 2010 at 07:07:14PM -0400:
> On 08/18/10 14:02, Owain Ainsworth wrote:

>> As a note, scotwm really needs it own mailing list,

> and a graphic! don't forget a graphi...er..hmmm....
> Maybe that wouldn't be such a good idea.

Why? What's wrong with a graphic for scot-wm?
I imagine something with a kilt, and a bagpipe, and some sheep.
And a tartan background for the screen, perhaps...