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Re: Web hosting, restrict user to access only his folder

From: Chris Cappuccio (chrisnmedia.net)
Date: Sun Aug 22 2010 - 14:53:23 CDT

Benny L??fgren [bl-listslofgren.biz] wrote:
> (I've long wished for a privsep apache with separate chroot():s for
> every virtual domain... one of these days I'm gonna have to look
> into it, but I suppose it's not trivial to implement or someone
> would have done it by now. :-) )

I think people do this today by just running multiple daemons, one under each uid, binding each one to a different IP (or to a different port and using a reverse proxy on port 80)

Of course it would be convenient if the system could multiplex it for you with one master daemon