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Re: Testing NSD

From: Gregory Edigarov (gregbestnet.kharkov.ua)
Date: Wed Aug 25 2010 - 03:57:36 CDT

On Mon, 23 Aug 2010 07:30:25 +0200
Jakob Schlyter <jakobopenbsd.org> wrote:

> On 23 aug 2010, at 04.16, patrick keshishian wrote:
> > Is the idea to replace bind altogether from base? If so, my initial
> searching shows NSD doesn't support caching nor views (although, my
> googling skills suck). Are these being considered?
> The plan is that Unbound will be imported as a caching recursive name
> server. Neither of them has support for views and I have no intention
> of retrofitting that.
> jakob
There is something I never understand: why change more for less?
i.e. why change bind which is feature reach and mature for nsd/unbound,
that doesn't have 2/3 of bind features.
and after all, it is not even a project developed under openbsd

With best regards,
        Gregory Edigarov