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Download Skype VOIP Add ons - talk more for free

From: Skype (downloadskype-addons.com)
Date: Mon Aug 30 2010 - 20:16:03 CDT

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Dear Skype users,

We are pleased to announce new VOIP add ons for Skype.

With tons of users worldwide, it is an incredible piece of software that
lets you Talk using Voice Over Ip (VoIP) for free. You can do Video
Calling, Chat, Create a Profile,
Conferencing and even Voice Mail!

Top Skype VOIP Add ons features:

- Save and record all your video calls in any format
- Record all your SMS conversations and store them
- Get great answering machine for when your away or busy
- With Skype txt or call anyone Skype to Skype for FREE!
- Available on iPhone

Go to: http://www.skype-addons.com for details

Skype VOIP - Talk more for Free.

Thank you and enjoy,

Skype Addons
8145 Creekwood Ct, NY, 10018, USA
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