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Re: [UPDATE] misc/py-imdb to 4.6

From: Landry Breuil (landryrhaalovely.net)
Date: Tue Sep 14 2010 - 13:46:12 CDT

On Tue, Sep 14, 2010 at 02:33:36PM -0400, Todd C. Miller wrote:
> Existing version (3.6) no longer functions due to imdb changes.
> I left the scripts in bin alone this time.
> +bin/get_character.py
> +bin/get_company.py
> +bin/get_first_character.py
> +bin/get_first_company.py
> +bin/get_first_movie.py
> +bin/get_first_person.py
> +bin/get_keyword.py
> +bin/get_movie.py
> +bin/get_person.py
> +bin/get_top_bottom_movies.py
> +bin/imdbpy2sql.py
> +bin/search_character.py
> +bin/search_company.py
> +bin/search_keyword.py
> +bin/search_movie.py
> +bin/search_person.py

Those are meant to be used by end users ? otherwise, i think they should
stay in share/examples/py-imdb

> +doc/

Something is wrong here. all that should go into share/doc/py-imdb if it
needs to be installed.

> +etc/
> +etc/imdbpy.cfg

Nope, that should go to share/examples and be sampled to go to ${SYSCONFDIR}
> +imdb/
> +imdb/locale/
> +imdb/locale/en/

locales go into share/locale/<lang>

using setuptools or so should take care of most of these issues..