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Re: UPDATE: misc/srcpd

From: Sebastian Reitenbach (sebastial00-bugdead-prods.de)
Date: Thu Nov 13 2014 - 12:56:56 CST

no model railroader around?

If I don't hear anything, I'll commit on the weekend.


On Tuesday, November 4, 2014 08:47 CET, "Sebastian Reitenbach" <sebastial00-bugdead-prods.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> this is a minor update of the srcpd daemon:
> the list of bug fixes/improvements:
> Fixed Bug:
> * Fix Lenz GA address handling (bug introduced in version 2.0.11).
> * Fix usage of XEvtLok in IB module.
> * Fix baud rate negotiation in IB module.
> * Reject INIT GL if device is locked
> New Features
> * Support for up to 28 GL functions in Lenz module.
> * Add missing TERM GA function.
> * Send info message for SET SM, INIT SM, TERM SM o Provide 28 speed steps for DCC in dll module.
> * Read initial power state from IB on startup.
> * Provide functions F17 - F28 in IB module (OpenDCC)
> * IB module: Show firmware versions in readable manner.
> General Changes
> * Improve conectivity to usb2serial adapters for Loconet module.
> * Support for OpenBSD.
> patch attached, since there is an umlaut inside, which xclip doesn't seem to like, but
> patch handles it well for me.
> Only minimal tests done, daemon starts up, with default config, and spdrs60 connected
> to it. Same as with spdrs60, I don't have my model railroad up and running, so cannot really
> test. Is there someone around running it to steer a model railroad?
> Otherwise, OK?
> cheers,
> Sebastian