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Updating comms/fldigi

From: trondd (tronddgmail.com)
Date: Mon Dec 15 2014 - 13:20:10 CST

Taking a look at the fldigi port. The 3.21.x branch is no longer supported
and has moved on to 3.22.x

I sent our patches upstream which should eliminate the test dependency on

I have locally updated to 3.22.02 (does not include our patches yet). And
would like to submit the diffs for review. I don't know if we want to
commit them as is, or wait for a release that includes our patches.

Haven't done a port before, though, so I figured a version bump would be
small enough for a first submission. It was just an update to distinfo,
the version in Makefile, and the plist (they added a translation).

Anything else I should check off as part of the port update process?