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Re: DNS control port additions to /etc/services

From: Antoine Jacoutot (ajacoutotbsdfrog.org)
Date: Tue Jul 15 2014 - 10:17:45 CDT

> > Well it depends what policy we want. Looking at the file most entries have both even if only one protocol is effectively in use.
> Looking at the file though, most of those are older entries - I think

Yes. The reason is this:
# Note that it is presently the policy of IANA to assign a single well-known
# port number for both TCP and UDP; hence, most entries here have two entries
# even if the protocol doesn't support UDP operations.

> new entries should be specific, and where we have knowledge of the
> protocols we should remove silly old ones. BGP, Gopher, HTTP, POP,
> and IMAP over UDP look like good candidates for example..

I am all in favor of cleaning this file and removing useless entries.
But be careful, this is not a user-editable file anymore, so we need to take into account that some stuffs that may not appear obvious to us may still be needed by people.