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CVS: cvs.openbsd.org: src

From: Federico G. Schwindt (fgschcvs.openbsd.org)
Date: Thu Dec 09 2004 - 21:10:42 CST

Module name: src
Changes by: fgschcvs.openbsd.org 2004/12/09 20:10:42

Modified files:
        usr.bin/ssh : sftp.c

Log message:
- fix globbed ls for paths the same lenght as the globbed path when
we have a unique matching.
- fix globbed ls in case of a directory when we have a unique matching.
- as a side effect, if the path does not exist error (used to silently ignore).
- don't do extra do_lstat() if we only have one matching file.

djm ok