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From: rruthcomputer.org
Date: Mon Apr 15 2002 - 17:52:54 CDT

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    I have a requirement that each password MUST contain at least three of the
    four types of characters (other, upper, lower, and digit) and be greater than
    seven characters long. This seems to be just what the pam_cracklib module is

    The character length is easy with 'minlen=N'

    I see how to promote the use of character kinds with dcredit, ucredit, lcredit
    and ocredit.

    But, how do I REQUIRE the use of at least one digit, one upper case, one lower
    case and/or one other type of character?

    Should I be looking in a different module?

    Any suggestions or pointers to documentation would be appreciated.

    (This is for a Red Hat 7.2 system)



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