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a second /etc/passwd

From: Anton Yurchenko (philadg.net.ua)
Date: Wed Jun 11 2003 - 03:57:31 CDT


I`m looking for a way to setup such a thing: to have one
/etc/passwd|/etc/shadow reside in the usuall location in /etc and the
other one
to be in some other location that I specify. The second one would be the
one that is optional.
This is needed for such a setup in which I have a hosting machine with a
root disk, and then I could plugin and mount a second disk with more
users and theyr data and that the passwd located on the secodn disk
would be picked up and used. The idea is to gave a generic root
partiotion with ability to pickup any new partition with
userdata/authorization info.



Anton Yurchenko<philadg.net.ua>
Digital Generation

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