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Re: How do I set the user's shell?

From: Michael Chang (mirandaion.uranus.com)
Date: Mon Jun 23 2003 - 15:39:39 CDT

|> Martin wrote:
|> > Which aren't authenication info - they are user info. For
|> > multi-platform work I'm told that LDAP and Radius are the way to go.
|> I have authentication info in the MySQL. I'd like to use it with a PAM
|> module, but apparently that pam_sm_setcred() function has never been
|> implemented and no one knows how. Alright, I will give up on trying to
|> implement it.

Well, you, yourself, can implement pam_sm_setcred in any way that you wish;
however, it has been said that credential information should not be handled
by PAM. You can, for example, set environment variables from within pam_sm_setcred,
but there is absolutely no guarantee that the application on whose behalf PAM
is loaded will honor the environment variables that you set.

If you're just trying to perform authentication against a MySQL database,
then pam_mysql will do this out of the box. If you're trying to obtain
user account information (UID, GID, home directory, etc.) from a MySQL database,
then nss-mysql is what you want, and sane applications will work transparently
with nss-mysql.


|> Thanks,
|> Joe
|> > See nsswitch.conf(5) and the relevant subsection of the libc
|> > documentation - it contains everything you need.
|> >
|> > Sweet Dreams,
|> > - Martin
|> >
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