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Re: pam_auth_basic_user() - account is not healthy

From: Jason Clifford (jasonukpost.com)
Date: Fri Nov 14 2003 - 10:59:36 CST

On 14 Nov 2003, delman wrote:

> I'm trying to use Apache's pam_auth_module with winbindd to
> authenticate Intranet users to a web application using our PDC (WinNT -
> sp6a box).
> It seems to work well with samba (users can access their shares using
> domain credentials), but it doesn't work for apache, and googling has
> given no answer.
> For every auth attempt this is my auth.log:
> Nov 14 17:17:50 ict-srv-db pam_winbind[591]: Verify user `foo'
> Nov 14 17:17:50 ict-srv-db pam_winbind[591]: user 'foo' granted acces

When you use winbind to authenticate you need to prepent the Samba domain
to each user name to be able to authenticate for other services.

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