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Re: Directory check

From: Richard L. Allbery (rlaprideindustries.com)
Date: Thu Dec 04 2003 - 10:59:08 CST

My experience has been that as long as you leave it as "session required"
then it won't create a directory. We changed ours to "session optional"
so it would in fact log the person in without a home directory.

On Thursday 04 December 2003 8:35 am, Joerg Decker wrote:
> pam-listredhat.com schrieb am 04.12.03 16:59:01:
> >> On Thursday 04 December 2003 7:26 am, Joerg Decker wrote:
> >> I want to install/use a PAM module that allows me to check whether a
> >> user's home directory exists. Only if it exists, he should be
> >> allowed to log in.
> >>
> >> Is there a module that does that or do I have to write one on my
> >> own?
> >
> >We use:
> >session required /lib/security/pam_mkhomedir.so skel=/etc/skel/
> > umask=007 At the bottom of our /etc/pam.d/system-auth file.
> Actually, I don't want PAM to create a home directory. If it does not
> exist (something like "test -f $HOME") the user should not be allowed
> to log in.
> Is this what your solution does or does it create a new home directory
> ?

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