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Linux-PAM on Solaris

From: velociraptor (velociraptorgmail.com)
Date: Thu Apr 21 2005 - 12:07:33 CDT

I've found several references to folks compiling Linux-PAM for
Solaris, but no definitive "how-to". I have attempted to do so
myself, but the compile fails due to bad options to the linker.
I tried a couple of what I took to be obvious changes to the
configure script, but even with the correct '-B dynamic' flag
(for Solaris ld vs GNU ld), the build is still failing with complaints
about illegal options to ld.

Does anyone happen to have any notes on getting Linux-PAM
compiled for Solaris they would be willing to share with me?

(Note: I downloaded my sources from kernel.org rather than
the sourceforge cvs repository...but my read of kernel.org
implies that it's more recent than sourceforge at any rate.)


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