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Re: The infamous "check pass; user unknown"

From: Oliver Schulze L. (oliversamera.com.py)
Date: Fri Apr 29 2005 - 16:19:46 CDT

Thanks, will try this.


Tay, Gary wrote:

>So far I have seen these "check pass" msgs when doing console gui login
>(gdm/login), I guess some binaries in the background were running as
>root prilvileges.
>If you have "rootdn" defined in /etc/ldap.conf may be you could provide
>a /etc/ldap.secret, pls "chmod 400" this file, and see if it would make
>a difference.
>I noticed that when I finally got "automount" to work with LDAP maps
>(OpenLDAP and/or SUN ONE DS5.2), I stopped seeing these messages, no
>sure if it is just pure coincidence?
Oliver Schulze L.

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