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Re: Linux locked accounts and PAM

From: Les Mikesell (lesfuturesource.com)
Date: Wed Oct 08 2008 - 11:54:15 CDT

Dan Yefimov wrote:
>>> No, I miss nothing here. Whatever prefix password hash begins with, if
>>> the password hash derived from the string obtained from the user isn't equal to
>>> what is contained in shadow, access is denied, no matter why. Prefix
>>> differences among different systems is unimportant here.
>> But that has to do with authentication, not whether the account is locked.
> "Locking an account" here means "invalidating password hash". So effectively
> that means "disabling password authentication for account", nothing more.

That would make sense if the password file was the one and only way to
authenticate so you could usurp the concept to control the account - but
it isn't when you use PAM...

   Les Mikesell

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