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Subject: Re: Quota in a mailbox
From: Guenther Blatzheim (gblatzblatzheim.com)
Date: Wed Feb 16 2000 - 13:30:09 CST

>On 16 Feb 00, at 11:52, Keith Stevenson wrote:
> The above mentioned qouta patch is a highly recommended feature, but
>unfortunately unusable with ./Maildir/ . Is there
> is a solution for ./Maildir as well?
> Hmm. That's more difficult since you can't simply stat a directory. A
>quick and dirty solution would be to use filesystem
> quotas on the mailspool. The maildir portion of postfix's local delivery
>agent writes the mail files as the recipient, so
> filesystem quotas should be respected.
>And they are definitely respected. I confirm.
> If the file creation fails for any reason, the message is bounced with a
>"maildir delivery failed" error.
>Yes, it works in Maildir. It happened in my corporative server until Monday
>- when I established deferring instead of bouncing
>in this situation :-). Linux with user quotas.

Unfortunatly this is not a solution for accountless pop only setups...


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