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Subject: Re: maildrop & postfix
From: Andrew McNamara (andrewmconnect.com.au)
Date: Fri Mar 10 2000 - 00:19:24 CST

>> To be brutally honest, if you are supporting 64k users, you'll be in a
>> fair bit of trouble if you don't have someone with some coding skills
>> (a general comment, not specific to e-mail - I don't know of an open
>> source billing system, for instance... 8-).
>> The sorts of modifications you'll need to do to a popper or imapper are
>> quite minor, however - open source software is almost there.
>i'd rather not modify poppers/imappers as it would basically be a bad idea
>to branch out from the main development tree of these programs. The
>problem really is in getting the users profile (passwd, homedir, quota
>size, etc). For this i think i'd rather hack a pam module and a delivery
>program for postfix...

Fair enough - my virtual local agent hasn't had much review yet, so
I'd suggest keeping a very close eye on it's behaviour, but it gets you
away from the dependancy on /etc/passwd.

Wietse also suggested an alternative - you could use the virtual table
to map the real e-mail addresses to an intermediate form, and then an
alias to map this intermediate form to a file alias. Delivery will be
carried out with the ownership of the alias file, however.

I still think you're going to have to make some modifications to your
popper and imapper - at the very least to remove the dependancy on
/etc/passwd. If they're well coded, the changes will be minor.

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