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Subject: Re: [2] how to bind smtp client to specific address?
From: Mailing List Account (mlistsohoweb.net)
Date: Thu Mar 30 2000 - 09:28:48 CST

Thanks! I'm still downloading, so I'll presume the answer is in the docs,
but in case not:

Your example table doesn't show any eth0:0 aliased interfaces -- I presume
the command will work the same to config the multiple interfaces, all on
one card?

At 09:13 AM 3/30/00, Michael Ju. Tokarev wrote:

>Not a faq/howto, but see iproute2 package's "ip" command.
>(it is avalable at redhat as iproute-xxx-yyy.rpm, and also
>see ftp://ftp.inr.ac.ru/ip-routing/ (main site, slow), or
>mirrors (see Liviu Daia's message on thread about list of

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