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Subject: Re: msn.com & service denial
From: Rask Ingemann Lambertsen (rask-postfixkampsax.k-net.dk)
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 10:52:04 CDT

Den 30-Maj-00 18:11:54 skrev Ime Smits fĝlgende om "Re: msn.com & service denial":

>I am not sure what Postfix does in such a case, but I think it's reasonable
>not to contact a backup MX if a primary MX says it's resources are
>exhausted. Yes, one could deliver the mail to a secondary mx, but one can
>expact the secondary mx to eventually deliver the mail to the same primary
>mx, so contacting a secondary would only give someone else the same problem.

   No, no, no. The secondary MX is there exactly because they want you to
use it if the primary is down. People don't put up secondary MX'es just for
fun, good looks, coolness, the cost, etc. You have no idea what goes on
behind the scenes. Your assumption that the secondary MX just deliververs
to the primary MX is very likely invalid for a large part of the email that
goes to domains with more than one MX. Think of aol.com, hotmail.com,
msn.com and the like.


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