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Subject: Re: unexpected side-effect of myorigin
From: Jonathan Bartlett (johnnybwolfram.com)
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 17:23:21 CDT

I'm not seeing the problem with using myorigin. It only affects
unqualified email addresses, doesn't it?

Also, those email addresses _will_ be the same if you list all of those in


On Mon, 19 Jun 2000, Ian! D. Allen [NCFreeNet] wrote:

> From: Wietse Venema
> |There's a little FAQ entry about how to force some mail deliveries to
> |be local.
> I saw that; I don't think I can use it. It's not that I want to force
> every occurrence of the server address idallenfreenet.carleton.ca to be
> local; I don't. If I send to the address idallenfreenet.carleton.ca,
> I fully expect and want it to be sent to idallen at freenet.carleton.ca.
> My issue is that I do *not* want "idallen" (or "root" or "postmaster"
> or "daemon", etc.) with no host name attached to be sent to the
> server freenet.carleton.ca. If you must stick a FQDN on the end of
> these destination userids, stick on localhost or the local host name,
> not $myorigin.
> I think all the following syntaxes should be equivalent when sending
> mail to user "idallen" on a host named "foo.bar.ca":
> mail idallen
> mail idallenfoo
> mail idallenfoo.bar.ca
> mail idallenlocalhost
> mail idallenlocalhost.bar.ca
> I think all five of these refer to the same (local) account. In my
> view, Postfix is not consistent in its handling of these five identical
> (in my mind) address formats.
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